What are the differences between Tezos and other smart contract platforms?

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 3 years ago

Tezos is a blockchain network and while similar to other major blockchains it has distinct and unqique features of its own that make it stand out.

- Liquid PoS is Tezos' signature feature. This consensus algorithm works not dissimilar to other PoS algorithm but token owners always retains control over his assets. Locked XTZ remain liquid, i.e. they can still be sold or swapped at any moment.

- Tezos is exceptionally flexible when it comes to onchain government and protocol improvements. Any community-initiated change can be proposed and implemented with a formal procedure of voting by network bakers. No fork necessary! 

- Tezos also calls smart contracts as atomic batch transactions which serves as an additional safety mechanism. If either of the individual transactions fails, the changes to the blockchain caused by the rest of the transactions in the batch are discarded.

- Tezos employs formal verification of smart contracts. It basically means that Tezos uses math to verify that a smart contract conforms to its intended purpose. 

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