Explanation of unlock fee in QuipuSwap farms

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 year ago

Some QuipuSwap farms may have unlock fee. You may find information about unlock fee in the farm directory and the section with the farm details.

Info about fee in the farm directory:

Info about unlock fee in the farm details section:

Where: 1) info about unlock fee 2) A countdown timer shows how many days are left until a lock period ends

How will these fees be used? 

All collected fees will be used on farms to collect more QUIPU and burn them. After farms finish, these fees may be used to buy back and burn QUIPU or other protocol improvement activities. If rewards are not collected in QUIPU but in other tokens, these tokens will be swapped to QUIPU, and after that, all QUIPU tokens will be burnt. 

Does this fee apply to the whole tokens deposit?

Yes, if you unlock your LP tokens in the farm before the lock period ends, you will pay 5% from your deposit body. 

What will happen with my rewards? 

All your collected rewards will be moved to QuipuSwap and used for protocol improvements. 

I don't want to pay an unlock fee; what should I do?

Just wait until the farm lock period ends; right after, you may withdraw your Liquidity tokens and rewards without this fee. 

If you have more questions, ask them in our telegram or discord channels. 

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