FAQ: QUIPU Governance token

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 year ago

What is QUIPU?

QUIPU token is used in QuipuSwap AMM governance and as a means of payment for future QuipuSwap services.

How to buy/sell this token?

You may buy/sell QUIPU tokens on QuipuSwap DEX by following this link


You may earn QUIPU  by participating in our farming programs.

What are the current supply and market cap?

Circulated tokens after the second airdrop: 845 070 QUIPU

Circulated supply after the second airdrop is 8.4% (6% airdrops, 2.4% other funds, more read here: https://story.madfish.solutions/quipuswap-tokenomics-guide-quipu-learn-everything-about-our-governance-token/)

Market cap:  845 070 QUIPU x current price

Total Supply: 10 000 000 in 4 years

Price: https://analytics.quipuswap.com/pairs/KT1X3zxdTzPB9DgVzA3ad6dgZe9JEamoaeRy

How to track price and pool dynamics?

You may track price and pool dynamics by using one of the following tools: 

What rewards do you provide by staking QUIPU?

At the moment, you may stake QUIPU in our liquidity pool and earn commissions from trading operations and baking rewards. More about providing liquidity and potential APY you may find here.

QUIPU yield farming is now available on third-party platforms:

Please, follow our updates in the telegram, discord channel or subscribe on email.

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