How to Add Liquidity to an existing Liquidity Pool on QuipuSwap?

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 2 years ago

To start earning trading fees and baking rewards, you need to add Liquidity to QuipuSwap. Learn how to do this from our guide.

1. log into QuipuSwap via Tezos dApp wallet. We recommend using the Temple wallet.

2. Visit the "Liquidity" section

3. Click the "Add" tab

4. Select Tokens that you want to add to QuipuSwap

5. Choose the number of tokens that you want to invest and click the  "Add" Button

5.1 In case you don't see your token in the dropdown list you may add the token contract address to the search field and find this token.

6. Confirm this operation in your wallet and wait. Usually, you need to wait one minute to get a confirmation.

You will see the Success status on a popup window.

If you want to see how many shares you have or remove them:

1. Visit the Liquidity section,

2. Choose the Remove tab

3. Check how many shares you have and how much you will get in tokens.

4. To withdraw LP-shares specify the desired amount in the "Select LP" field and click the Remove button.

If you want to see Your Shares in the wallet, use this instruction.

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