Stable DEX: Fees Explained

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 year ago

A user pays fees from each trade by conducting swaps with Stable DEX tokens and for adding/removing liquidity in an unbalanced proportion.  The maximum fee amount is 0.15% from traded sum. You may see the list of applied fees in the Stable DEX section.

Detailed fee description:

1. Liquidity providers Fee 0.07% - is distributed to liquidity providers and sent to the token liquidity pool.

2. Interface Fee 0.005% - is distributed to a developer who provided an interface to interact with Stable DEX smart contracts.  In our case, fee will be distributed to the QuipuSwap team.

3. QUIPU Stakers Fee 0.03% - is distributed to QUIPU holders who stake them in the special Stable DEX farms. In case, these farms hasn't launched, this fee will be distributed to liquidity providers. 

4. Dev Fee 0.045% - is distributed to the QuipuSwap developers to support the protocol development. 

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