Stable DEX: How to add liquidity to the DEX, and what rewards will I earn?

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 year ago
By providing liquidity to the Stable DEX pool you will earn 0.07% from each trade in in this pool.

How to participate?

1. To add liquidity to the Stable DEX, please visit the Stable DEX Section and choose a pool where you plan to add your tokens. In our case, we have chosen a kUSD/USDtz/uUSD pool. 

2. After that in the Section "ADD" [1] you may add liquidity, by following this guide:

[2] Add an equal amount of tokens to the pool.

[3], [4]  Check information about a pool and info about fees. For new pools, it is possible a situation when a token proportion doesn't have an optimal balance because of low liquidity. Pay attention to these details before investing.

The "Add all coins in the balanced proportion" switcher

[5] By default, the "Add all coins in the balanced proportion" switcher is turned on. It means that QuipuSwap will automatically require tokens in the proportion that they are stored in the pool. In most cases, it is an almost equal proportion.

But, you may add any proportion of tokens and turn off the option [5] "Add all coins in the balanced proportion". In this case, QuipuSwap automatically rebalances your stake under the hood and adds the required amount of missing tokens.

Pay attention, by using this option (turning the switch off) you will pay a 0.15% for rebalancing.
As a liquidity provider, you will earn a 0.07% fee from each swap. More info about fees you may find in this article.

[6] Click the "Add" button and confirm transaction in your wallet.

[7] In case you see  a Wrong-shares-out error, try to increase liquidity slippage > 0.12% in the transaction settings:

Congratulations! You have provided liquidity to the Stable DEX and get LP tokens instead.  Don't forget that you may use these LP tokens in our farms and earn more. 

Feel free to ask your questions in our telegram or discord channels. 

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