Why don’t I see my Shares (LP tokens) in the account/wallet?

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 year ago

If you added liquidity to QuipuSwap and don't see your shares in the Add or Remove Liquidity sections, you may find this information useful.

The most common reasons of not seeing your Shares/LP tokens in your account:

1. You are participating in the QuipuSwap governance and your Shares are staked.

How to see them? Visit the Voting tab and check how many shares you have.

You may always defrost your shares by adding the number of shares that you plan to remove and click the "Unvote" button, they will appear in your account.

Short explanation from MadFish:
You have the 0 balance because your shares are frozen, and you can't transfer (or burn during divestment) them until you remove the votes.  When we had implemented it, we decided not to include the frozen balance in the liquid balance displayed on the platform and in your wallet. Imagine you vote for a baker, forget about it in a day and see the non-zero balance, but when you try to transfer the tokens, it fails, saying that there is not enough liquid balance. It would be not very clear, especially for those who didn't read that the tokens are frozen when you vote.  If we unfroze the voted tokens during the transfers, it would be implicit behaviour that is not quite expectable.  So, that's why the balance of your shares is displayed as zero now. 

2. You need to add your tokens to the wallet.

Many wallets and blockchain explorers don't recognize and show LP tokens on your balance. In this case, you need to add them manually by following this instruction.

3. You removed LP tokens and staked them on another service

 Please, be sure that your LP still in your wallet and they are not staked in the QuipuSwap farms or another different DeFi service.

4. Technical issues.

Sometimes QuipuSwap or your Tezos wallet can't get response from the Tezos Node. The most common reason is too many requests to the single node and it can't respond to all of them. in this case you will not see you current balances. 

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