MadFish official position about a whitelisting procedure on QuipuSwap

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 2 years ago

This article was created due to the hot discussion about a whitelisting procedure in our communities, and it should highlight our official position.

We are developing open-source solutions that everyone can use to create their DEXes. If you don't want to make a new DEX, you may create a new UI or any other interface, connect it to our smart contracts, and use our liquidity pools for trades. This is how decentralization works. Anybody is free to use our code to create the  competitor of QuipuSwap AMM or create a new UI or any other interface(with its own rules about what to show), and eventually, it may become an alternative point to connect to our Dex's. Every solution is a new building block that helps to develop a truly decentralized Tezos ecosystem. We expect to see many alternative projects soon and are happy to support new players. 

However, we are reserving a right to customize our official QuipuSwap website of our choice, including the token list updates. It means we can add or remove tokens from the whitelist without explanations

We don't accept pressure from some community members who want to force us to follow their goals and add their tokens to a whitelist. 


What is the difference between a whitelisted token and not whitelisted?

Whitelisted tokens, by default, are added to a dropdown menu on QuipuSwap, and they don't have a warning sign. There are no other differences between these token groups. You may freely add or trade any token, access the tokens by a direct link or a token contract address. 

What factors do you consider in the process of adding a token to the whitelist?

Every token is evaluated by our team individually. We are considering many factors: token pool size, who are in a core dev team, who are the leading investors, the quality of a front-end (user experience), the quality of the smart contracts, community support, may this project attract users from other ecosystems, conducted audits, etc.  The weight of each factor can be changed case by case. 

How to apply for a whitelist?

You may send a link to your project, and we will evaluate it. In case it passed our criteria, we may add this token to the whitelist. We can request additional information if we need it. We don't provide explanations and reasons why we refused to add your token. Just respect our right to do so.

Why is your whitelisting process not clear? How do you plan to change this?

As we mentioned before, we evaluate each project separately. We can add or remove tokens from the whitelist, and we don't want to put this process on the public because scammers may easily use this information to force their projects to be whitelisted. 

We will add Community Lists on the second QuipuSwap version as it has already been implemented on UniSwap. This implementation should finish debates about whitelisting because it will allow forming own Whitelists by community members. 

I disagree with you and want to have my token whitelisted right now!

Disagreement is one of the driving forces for diversity. You are free to not wait for a Community list on our official QuipuSwap UI and create a custom UI where your token will be the first one in the list. As we mentioned before, you can interact with QuipuSwap smart contracts using any available interface: block explorers, CLI, custom UIs. 

Any ultimatums and accusations without a constructive proposal - we perceive it as manipulation and stop communication in the communities on this question.

Do you have any questions?

Ask them in our telegram or discord communities. 

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