How to see my NFT in the Temple wallet

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 year ago

We know that our Temple wallet users want to see the NFT section with their own NFT tokens. Unfortunately, at this point, Tezos standards don't provide any clear solutions for separating and displaying NFT. However, we are trying to identify these NFTs and display them in  the Collectibles section:

Pay attention, Temple doesn't correctly display HTML NFTs and NFTs with complicated animation.

If you don't see all purchased NFTs, you need to add their addresses manually by choosing the Manage Tab and clicking "Add Token"

Only use the FA2 option when you plan to add NFT token address.

NFT for Hic et Nunc

If you don't see NFT from in your wallet:

Add their token address:

1. Choose FA2

2. Contract address:


3. Add the token ID (you may find it in your Hic et Nunc account)

Your new Token address should look like this:

You will also be asked to add other info about your token. Don't worry if you added something incorrectly. You may always change this info later by following this tutorial

That's it. You will now see this NFT in your account.

Attention. IF you have added your NFTs for Sale they will be locked by the Hic ent Nuc/Objkt/Other Marketplace  smart contract and not appear in your wallet.

If you encountered any problems, please feel free to ask your questions in our telegram or discord communities.

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