How to swap tokens in the Temple wallet

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 7 months ago

You can now swap Tezos-based tokens without ever leaving your Temple wallet. Swaps are facilitated by a Tezos DEX of your choice

Follow these simple steps to make your first in-wallet token swap.

Open and unlock your Temple. Click on the Swap button.

First pick tokens you want to exchange [1] and tokens you want to receive [2].

Check the option Route via popular DEXes that Temple choose [3] ( [4] be aware that you pay a 0.5% transaction fee) and adjust slippage [5]. Slippage adjustment may be necessary to ensure your transaction goes through (higher slippage tolerance means higher chance of success).

Click  "Swap button". Check your funds.

If you have other questions, please feel free to ask them in our telegram or discord communities.

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