Storage Fees in Tezos and related issues (objkt issue, etc)

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 7 months ago

What is a Storage Fee?

Unlike some other popular blockchain networks, Tezos charges users with an additional storage fee along with a transaction fee. In other words, users have to pay for storing data on the blockchain (per byte).

If you want to know about the storage, please read this technical article.

Sometimes the state of blockchain changes rapidly after a transaction has been confirmed, so that the previously estimated storage fee becomes obsolete. This will force a transaction to fail.

We've specifically seen interactions with certain services (like Hic et Nunc) backtrack because of issues with storage fee estimation. So if your transactions fail because of this, you can increase the fee manually and see them go through.

It is adviced to learn the preferred storage fee limit from the service in question.

objkt users the problem may be solved by:

For minting Objects (NFTs) - Adjust the storage limit to 310 

For Swap - Adjust storage limit to 180

How do we plan to fix this issue permanently

Our team and the team behind Beacon have recently added the ability for DApp developers to provide storage_limit for the operation requests from the DApp side. DApp developers should know better the max storage limit values for their contracts. 

There's still a pending fix for Taquito to allow these values to be passed when using ‘@taquito/beacon-wallet’. Once that is done, we’ll share info on how this functionality should be used to reduce/mitigate backtracked transactions.

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