Temple Swap feature explained

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 10 months ago

The Temple wallet's Swap feature is an interface solution that allows you to interact with Tezos decentralized exchanges and swap assets without ever leaving your wallet.

Temple Swap is not a DEX. It is simply an interface for swapping assets using DEX contracts from the Tezos ecosystem. Temple wallet uses the 3route router engine.

To do a swap in Temple, you need to go to the Swap tab. Choose an asset you wish to sell and specify the amount [1]. Then choose an asset you wish to buy [2]. The amount you will receive will be automatically shown according to the  Router calculation. Temple uses own Router that check DEXes and choose the best available option to conduct a swap. The list of pools that were used in the Router you may see in the Swap Route field [3]. Routing fee is 0.5%[4]. You may want to increase slippage [5] if you know you are swapping within a small or a high volatility liquidity pool, to increase the chance of the transaction going through. 

Click the "Swap" button [6] to finish this operation.

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