Temple Wallet for Dev (Guides, Links)

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 year ago

If you want to develop your own solutions with the Temple wallet or add a token, these links may help you.

Useful Links:

Official Github Repository: https://github.com/madfish-solutions/templewallet-extension

Community&Help: https://t.me/madfishdev


How to add Temple wallet on your site via the Beacon library:


Temple Token Metadata

It requires the metadata from tzip-21https://gitlab.com/tzip/tzip/-/blob/master/proposals/tzip-21/tzip-21.md

You can validate if your token has correct metadata with  TZcommet https://tqtezos.github.io/TZComet/#/explorer

Temple uses the Taquito Tzip12 module to fetch token metadata: https://tezostaquito.io/docs/tzip12#get-the-token-metadata


The standard extends tzip-16, according to which it can be http/https/ipfs/storage of another contract.  However, ipfs is preferable. 


 Tezos Development chats 

Tezos Blockchain Development Slack Chat

Tezos Blockchain Development Telegram chat: https://t.me/TezosDevelopers

Telegram SmartPy developers: https://t.me/SmartPy_io 

MadFish Development Chat (Temple Wallet, QuipuSwap): https://t.me/madfishdev

Tezos Docs:

  1. https://tezos.b9lab.com/fa2  - Tezos Development Portal

  2. https://tezostaquito.io/ — Taquito docs (aka. web3 for Tezos)
  3. https://ligolang.org/docs/intro/introduction — Ligo docs
  4. https://gitlab.com/tzip/tzip — proposals, standards (similar to EIPs)
  5. https://learn.tqtezos.com/ — Tezos high-level docs
  6. https://tezos.gitlab.io/whitedoc/michelson.html — Michelson docs

Tezos Dev Tools:

  1. https://better-call.dev/ — advanced explorer
  2. https://github.com/tqtezos/minter - Open Minter
  3. https://fa2-bakery.netlify.app/ - FA 2 token Bakery
  4. https://dipdup.net/ - A framework for building selective Tezos indexers
    inspired by The Graph
  5. https://t.me/tezos_faucet_bot  Faucet Bot for claiming Test tokens

  6. Faucet Telegram Bot for claiming test Tezos tokens: https://t.me/tezos_faucet_bot

  7. Tezos Mempool: https://tzflow.com/




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