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How do I vote for a baker?

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 7 months ago

QuipuSwap allows you to delegate tokens at the same time as they are earning fee rewards in a liquidity pool. As tokens are added to the pool you automatically start receiving baking rewards. You do not have to cast a vote for a specific baker but you can do it if you have a favourite one or if you want to help spread delegated stakes more evenly.

First you need to open the Govern tab [1].

Open the Select Token menu [2] and choose the token pool you would like to delegate LP tokens from. [3]

Scroll down until you see the field marked as "Baker". Here you can either select a baker from a drop-down menu [1] or enter his address manually [2].

Decide how many shares (LP tokens) you want to lock in the voting contract [3] and press Vote [4].

That's it. Confirm this action and it's done.

You can vote for a different candidate any time but remember that changing the baker will reset your reward receiving process.

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