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When do you launch a governance token? How to get these tokens and other questions.

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 month ago

This article will share the MadFish position related to the QuipuSwap governance tokens (GT).

We know that many users want to earn GT or get other incentives from their participation in QuipuSwap and they require guarantees from our team that they will get these tokens soon. This publication may disappoint some users. We can confirm that we will launch a governance token but we will not share information about such an event's terms and conditions.

We want to have people in our community who love Tezos and our products and use them. We don't want to gather short-term users who added several XTZ to the pool to get some GT to sell these tokens after receiving them instantly. 

If you invest money only to get Governance tokens - QuipuSwap is not the right place to do it. 

Answers to the most common questions:

Do you know that GT is a great marketing opportunity? 

Yes, we know this. We understand how these tokens work for projects on Ethereum and other blockchains. Also, we know the possible drawbacks of using GT distribution as the primary marketing tool. It's not healthy for the project to attract people who will never use it. It's better to provide GT for people who already use QuipuSwap. They will need these tokens to influence further QuipuSwap development.

We need GT to cover potential risks from Impermanent loss. Otherwise, it's better to choose other systems to hold my liquidity. What do you propose to me?

You may add liquidity to the most popular QuipuSwap pools and get commissions from trading and rewards from baking. Any investment in DeFi projects is a risk. Sometimes it's a risk of impermanent loss.  You need to realize this and make an informed decision whether to add liquidity or not. We don't want the promise of GT to become the main factor in your investment decisions. It means you should consider that LP token providers may not get GT as a reward. 

You may lose a battle. Without GT, it's not profitable for me to hold liquidity on your DEX.

We want to be frank with you. The DeFi market on Tezos has just started. It has a lot of potential and a lot of risks. You may be among the first who invested at the beginning of the enormous DeFi ecosystem. At the same time, you may gain significantly less than from Ethereum or BSC investments, whose markets are already flourishing. It doesn't matter what we offer - you may always find something that you think is more promising in ROI.  If you trust Tezos and its potential, you may hold your XTZ tokens or add them as liquidity to our exchange and get a chance to earn more. In case you want to get speculative income, then you may always find other solutions. We are in the long run journey and plan to make a stable and growing DeFi ecosystem. We may lose a battle but we are planning to win the war.

Why don't you fork already existing solutions on Ethereum? Why don't you follow the path of BSC?

BSC and HECO are Ethereum forks. They only needed to copy projects and rename them. At the same time, they inherited the same problems that Ethereum has. Tezos is a different blockchain;  developers use another programming language, logic, standards and face different issues. Tezos is a more secure, flexible, and less expensive blockchain, but developers have to build everything from scratch. This is the main reason why we can't just copy solutions from other blockchains. We are developing them from scratch and we do it successfully. 

I understand your position. What should I do?

Just use our products, earn commissions, help and educate others; 
When the time comes you will be rewarded. 

Ok, I have another questions

If you encountered any problems, please feel free to ask your questions in our telegram or discord communities.

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