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Why do I see zero balance after importing my old wallet?

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 2 weeks ago

1. Check if you have tokens in your old wallet.

Make sure you have funds in your old wallet. Use any Tezos blockchain explorer (for example, tzstat) to check this info. If you see that your account has tokens, you should follow the correct import procedure.

2. Your old wallet uses combination of a Password and Mnemonic phrase to generate a Private key.  

To better understand how the import works, you need to read this short explanatory article about crypto wallets and private keys. In short, some wallets, for better protection, use a combination of a seed phrase and a password (or even email) to generate a private key. This private key is used to get access to your funds in the Tezos blockchain.  

If your old wallet required a combination of a password and a seed phrase, you will need to add this info to the Temple wallet.

If you use only a Seed phrase without a password, the Temple wallet will generate a new account with the new private key that provides access to a new account. You will see that the new wallet has zero funds on it.

Solution: use the combination of a Seed phrase and a Password from your old wallet

3. You have a fundraising account from the Tezos ICO

From this article you will learn how to correctly restore your fundraising account.

4. You made a mistake in your Mnemonic (Seed) phrase.

The Temple wallet generates a new account from any Mnemonic phrase, even if you used a wrong one. If you add a wrong seed phrase, Temple will generate a private key from this seed phrase and use it to get access to a new account. This account will be different from your old account. You will see an empty wallet because this wallet was just created.

Solution: Check for input mistakes in your Seed phrase. 

5. Technical issues

The Temple wallet connects to the Tezos node to sync your token balances. Sometimes, this node may be overloaded, and the Temple wallet won't be able to receive the current balance. Just wait a few minutes and reload the Temple wallet. You can always see your current balance in any Tezos explorer.

6. Use our video tutorials

In case you plan to import your account from these wallets: Airgap, Kukai, Exodus, TezBox, Magma, Galleon, Atomic - you may use our video tutorials.

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