I own ECN tokens and I have issues with accessing/swapping/sending them. What should I do?

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 2 years ago

In this article, we will be answering some questions frequently asked by the members of ECN community.

Disclaimer: MadFish Solutions is in no shape or form affiliated with ECN. We do not have any control over its circulation, liquidity, and price. Engage in buying/trading ECN tokens at your own risk.

1. I've problems with FOMOEX what to do?

We have no relation to FOMOEX and ECN project. You must ask all questions related to these projects in their official channels. We will answer only on questions about Temple wallet and QuipuSwap usage.

2. I've lost my seed phrase in Temple wallet. How can I recover my Temple wallet?

You can't.

Temple is a non-custodial wallet and we do not have access to your data or assets. Only you know your seed phrase. If you lose it, there is nothing we can do.

We advise storing the seed phrase offline, e.g. writing it down on a piece of paper and keeping it in a safe place.

3. I'm sure I remember the correct seed phrase but when I enter it I get an error or it takes me to an empty wallet.

Please read this article.

Most likely there is a mistake as you enter your seed. Make sure there are no extra spaces between the words and before/after the entire phrase. Also check the spelling of each word with this dictionary.

4. I know I have ECN on my account but I can't see it in my wallet.

Make sure you are logged in to the correct account. To check if you actually have ECN on this account, visit blockchain explorer (i.e. www.tzkt.io) and paste your account address into the search field and check the Token tab.

Check if there is a problem with node access. Switch to a different node or try connecting to a different internet network and see if it then shows the correct balance.

Try to add this token manually.  Token contract address is: KT1M81KrJr6TxYLkZkVqcpSTNKGoya8XytWT 

5. How do I buy/sell ECN?

You can go directly to QuipuSwap and engage in trade as explained in the following guide. Here is a direct link to the ECN pool.

You can also swap tokens directly in the Temple wallet as explained here. Temple wallet uses QuipuSwap liquidity pool.

6. I get errors as I try to swap.

The most common issue is not having enough XTZ to pay the transaction fees. You need some XTZ in your account to interact with the Tezos blockchain.

To troubleshoot for other possible problems please read this guide.

7. How do I send tokens from Metamask to Temple or vice versa?

You can't.

ECN tokens exist on several blockchain networks. Initially, ECN was a TRON token. At some point, it was moved to Ethereum and Tezos blockchains. Note, that if you own Ethereum-based ECN you will be unable to send them to Temple wallet or trade them on QuipuSwap. 

Before making any operation, especially withdrawing tokens to your wallet, make sure your ECN tokens are Tezos-based FA2 tokens and your account address starts with tz1, as all Tezos accounts do.

8. Why is the ECN price on QuipuSwap lower than I expected?

Prices on QuipuSwap are formed according to AMM algorithms and based on supply/demand dynamics within a liquidity pool. We have no control over the token prices, they are shaped by the free market.

9. Temple wallet does not work reliably on my mobile device/iPad.

It is not supposed to.

At this time Temple is a desktop browser extension only. The Mobile version will be released soon.

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