QuipuSwap: Token contracts List

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 2 years ago

Here is the list of token contracts on QuipuSwap. Some of the tokens weren't audited, and you should be cautious before buying them. MadFish doesn't take responsibility for these projects, and these contract addresses were places only for informational purposes. 

FA1.2 tokens list [WhiteListed]
  • kUSD: KT1K9gCRgaLRFKTErYt1wVxA3Frb9FjasjTV   website: kolibri.finance
  • wXTZ: KT1VYsVfmobT7rsMVivvZ4J8i3bPiqz12NaH website: stakerdao.com
  • tzBTC: KT1PWx2mnDueood7fEmfbBDKx1D9BAnnXitn website: tzbtc.io
  • STKR: KT1AEfeckNbdEYwaMKkytBwPJPycz7jdSGea website: stakerdao.com
  • USDtz: KT1LN4LPSqTMS7Sd2CJw4bbDGRkMv2t68Fy9 website: usdtz.com
  • ETHtz: KT19at7rQUvyjxnZ2fBv7D9zc8rkyG7gAoU8 website: ethtz.io
FA 2 token list [WhiteListed]
  • USDS: KT1REEb5VxWRjcHm5GzDMwErMmNFftsE5Gpf  id: 0 website: stably.io 
  • hDAO: KT1AFA2mwNUMNd4SsujE1YYp29vd8BZejyKW id: 0 website: hicetnunc.xyz
  • WRAP Governance Token: KT1LRboPna9yQY9BrjtQYDS1DVxhKESK4VVd id: 0 website: tzwrap.com
  • WRAP other Tokens:

    KT18fp5rcTW7mbWDmzFwjLDUhs5MeJmagDSZ List of Token IDs you may find here.

FA 2 token List [Added by Community]
  • sDAO: KT19ovJhcsUn4YU8Q5L3BGovKSixfbWcecEA id: 1 website: salsadao.xyz
  • RSAL: KT19ovJhcsUn4YU8Q5L3BGovKSixfbWcecEA id: 0 website: salsadao.xyz

All Available tokens you may find here:

List of FA2 Contracts. Size of the Pool, who is a delegator, token price, price dynamic:  https://tzkt.io/KT1SwH9P1Tx8a58Mm6qBExQFTcy2rwZyZiXS/contracts

List of FA1.2 Contracts. Size of the Pool, who is a delegator, token price, price dynamic:


More statistic here.

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