How to get access to your wallet if you forgot the password

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 2 years ago

How to restore access to your Temple wallet account.

To better understand this article, we would recommend you to read our educational publication about crypto wallets, private keys, and seed phrases.

In short, if you have lost access to your wallet or you don't remember your password, you may reset your wallet and use your private key or Seed phrase to get access to your funds.

Important. You must save the Seed phrase when you create a wallet.


1. How to restore a wallet with a seed phrase:

Open the Temple extension and choose "Import Wallet using Seed Phrase"

2. On the next window:

[1] - You will see a warning sign. Don't worry - you will just reset your existing wallet.

[2] - Enter you saved Seed phrase 

[3] - Create a new password for your wallet

3. After completion of these steps, you will get access to your old wallet.

If you see a blank account after exporting a Seed Phrase. Please follow this guide to find a problem.

2. How to restore a wallet with a private key:

1. Create a New wallet

2. Click the Robot icon and choose the "Import account" option 

3.Enter your private key and click "Import account"

3. I don't have a Private key or a Seed phrase. What shold I do?

This is the worst case scenario. If you have installed a wallet in your browser and rely only on a password that you don't remember, you need to find developers who can brute-force your wallet password.

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