I've sent tokens to the Temple wallet. Why does my account show zero?

Written by Martin J. Maddox
Updated 1 year ago

Here is the list of possible reasons why your Temple account shows zero balance:

1. You have requested a withdrawal on the exchange

If you use exchanges, you should remember that many of them have a time lag between a withdrawal request and the transaction. Some exchanges wait for more than 6 hours before sending your tokens. If you have created a wallet and sent tokens from the exchange, you might have to wait a bit until they appear on your balance.

1.1. Separate case for the Binance Exchange:

- Check that you have chosen the Tezos network in the process of sending your tokens. If you want to know more about the withdrawal process from Binance Read this tutorial.

How to check what happen with your tokens from Binance? - visit this Binance chat. Choose the crypto withdrawal section and check XTZ token. Follow the instructions and you will get required info.

- Check the status of your transaction. Click the Wallet tab and choose the Transaction history item in the dropdown menu. It should be Completed. 

If your transaction accidentally was sent to the Binance Smart Chain - use the official Binance Bridge: https://www.binance.org/ru/bridge to move your XTZ from the BSC to the Tezos network.

2. Your balance status wasn't refreshed

The Temple wallet refreshes your balance once in a few minutes. If you have sent tokens to your wallet and this transaction was confirmed in the Tezos blockchain, refresh your wallet by closing and reopening the Temple wallet window. 

3. A transaction wasn't sent

If someone told you that he/she sent you tokens, please ask them to share the transaction hash. Check the status of this transaction on the tzkt.io website. Enter the transaction hash in the Search box [1], check the correctness of your wallet address in the Target field [2] and the status of the transaction [3]

4. Check if you are in the right Temple account and network

If you have several accounts in your wallet, be sure that you have chosen the right account [1] and your wallet uses the main Tezos network [2].

5. You have received FA1.2,FA2, LP tokens, but the Temple wallet doesn't show them

Sometimes, the Temple wallet doesn't show your FA1.2-FA2 tokens by default. To fix this issue, manually add the token address in the manage tab.

Choose  "Add token", add token type and the token address.

6. You have used the "Exolix Buy" feature in the wallet. 

Sometimes, it might be issues with tracking your transaction. To fix this, just contact Exolix support here.

7. Issues with the Tezos Node

The Temple wallet connects to the Tezos node to sync your token balances. Sometimes this node may be overloaded and the Temple wallet is unable to receive the current balance. Just wait a few minutes and reload the Temple wallet. You may always see your current balance in any Tezos explorer.

In case you have just created a wallet and no tokens were sent to your address you will not see the Temple wallet address in the blockchain explorer. It only means that this account doesn't have a transaction history yet.

You need to make the first transaction (send tokens to your wallet) to help the Tezos blockchain explorer discover this address and index it. 

8. Problem with the Internet connection

Check if you have a good Internet connection and you can get access to other websites.

9. You have an imported wallet with funds

If you don't see the funds on your Temple account after importing wallet from the external source, it means that the Temple wallet has created a new wallet and you see the balance of the new account but not your old one. You may learn from this article why it can happen and how to fix this issue.

10. Other issues

If you have checked all options above and your problem wasn't solved please contact us in our telegram or discord communities and provide the following information:

- Your transaction hash

-  What Operation system and browser do you use?

- What error messages you see

- Any other relevant information.

This info will help us identify the problem.

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